The Nameless, Finishing Line Press, 2014     [sample poem]   [purchase copy]

Watching the Perseids, Sacramento Poetry Center Press, 2014     [sample poem]  [purchase from SPC]  [purchase from Amazon]

The Nameless, a chapbook from Finishing Line Press.

Jed Myers writes shatterproof poems. They are windows onto a world where the largest shapes are often dark, but his dazzling language and images never fail to deliver illumination. These poems have a beauty that will make you shiver.

James Bertolino, author of Every Wound Has A Rhythm and Ravenous Bliss: New and Selected Love Poems

The Nameless documents the ways in which all of us move through our disconnected lives, seemingly anonymous. However, poet Jed Myers bears witness to every sunlit and shadowed moment with keen compassion and startling eloquence. Observing “the irises outside a house / rising from the earth of a bed” he perceives a profound human connection to “…wishes that wait / to bloom through us at night as we turn, shoulder to shoulder, between dreams.” This deeply satisfying, richly moving collection of poems acknowledges both the fragility and the vigor of our mortal souls.

Lana Hechtman Ayers, author of Four Quarters: an homage to T. S. Eliot


Watching the Perseids, a book-length collection from Sacramento Poetry Center Press.

Winner of the 2013 Sacramento Poetry Center Press Book Award.

Honorable Mention in Poetry, 2015 San Francisco Book Festival.

In Watching the Perseids, poet Jed Myers chronicles the decline and death of his elderly father from a brain tumor. Memory, language, emotional control, all are eventually surrendered. Somehow, this is not a grim collection—it’s a book of gratitude and a remarkable meditation on an admirable, gifted man shaped by his century and its sometimes tragic confinements, his heritage, his marriage, his dutiful nature; it’s a deeply affecting book of love between father and son; and it’s a thrilling love song to memory itself.  Jed Myers undertakes the most difficult of subjects with compassion, clarity, restraint, and great beauty.

Kathleen Flenniken, author of Plume and 2012-14 Washington State Poet Laureate

This insightful, incisive, and deeply loving portrait of a father is stunningly rich in detail, and profound in its depth. I am astonished at how well these poems play their wide range of emotional chords.

James Bertolino, author of Ravenous Bliss: New and Selected Love Poems

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