Between Dream and Flesh, a handmade limited-edition chapbook from Egress Studio Press, 2018

In this poetry collection, Between Dream and Flesh, Jed Myers explores a range of intimacies.  Through dream, memory or prayer, the poet considers how often a byproduct of tenderness is friction.  Generous with rhyme and the music of natural speech, these poems struggle with the juxtapositions of living, such as “the serene / face of my difficult love.”  Myers concludes that to exist in the twenty-first century within “our pierceable skins” is both perishable and precious.

Allen Braden, author of A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood

Jed Myers’ poems seem mercurial as falling stars, yet light up their dark moments to surprising effect. Estranged lovers shooting back and forth, who stop reloading and firing to kiss. He is a formalist with a finger on season, on place and situation, on the measured human pulse that keeps time with other lives. Often his actual subjects conspire to astonish us, as in “This One Leaf” that commemorates a moment of lostness with the poet’s father, “ankle-deep / in the mud, agreeing we’d find the road.” He is a deft and accomplished poet who admits to being a thief of others’ gems and dark splendors, who in passing offers confessions, shared confidences, doubts that the light of day can never quite dispel. Yet here is intimacy, healing and renewal in his humble “patchwork tent of a self” that he makes into a home.

Paul Hunter, author of Clownery and Stubblefield


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